Marketing Your Book - Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Write from the Heart

You’ve completed your book and now it’s published. By now you have likely let out a big sigh of relief and rewarded yourself for all your hard work. But don’t rest just yet, because there is still plenty of work to be done if you want your book to be a success. It’s time to market your book. Hopefully you started working on your author platform during the writing process as advised earlier in the book. If so, then you already have established an audience who is waiting to hear about your book launch. Book marketing strategies could fill a standalone book on its own, so this chapter will cover several options for marketing your book upon publication to get you started on the path of success.

Announce it on your website/blog

Now you can finally add that products page to your website, and don’t forget to update your bio to include published author along with the title of your book. You can start promoting your book launch with your blog even before publication by utilizing teasers, and once your book is published, add a blog post with an excerpt to entice readers. Be sure to add a link at the end of the post for those interested in purchasing the book.

Social Media Blasts

Social media is more a place to build relationships than to hard-sell products, but there is nothing wrong with announcing your book release to your social media communities with a picture of the cover and a link to the sales page or to your website. Don’t go overboard by posting it too often, but a few posts strategically spaced out over a period of time won’t hurt. After all, you’ve earned bragging rights, haven’t you? Show off your accomplishment and your hard work to your fans!

Do you like those inspirational photos you see shared on platforms such as Facebook and Pintrest? You can also take quotes from your book and place them on pictures to share from your social media pages. I edit and add text to my photos through a free downloadable software, Google Picasa. A word of caution; be sure you own the rights to use the photo or buy low-cost stock photography to post. I buy my stock images from and then add text through Picasa. Remember to add your website/blog URL on the photo so those interested know where to find you. And if your quote or photo is clever enough it could catch on and easily go viral! This means that coveted exposure for you and your book.


Remember that opt-in form we talked about setting up on your website? Hopefully you’ve started collecting email addresses by now. These represent people who have taken an interest in you and want to stay informed on what’s new in your life. Take this opportunity to write up an email campaign to send out to your mailing list announcing your book release. Consider taking pre-orders as well. Prior to a book release I will send an email announcing the publication date, followed by another taking pre-orders about a week or so later. Then on publication day, a final announcement with a link to the book’s sales page.

It’s a good idea to mail to your list often, so the recipients become accustomed to hearing from you; however, you don’t want to overdo it. Once per week is a good rule of thumb. I try to send mail-outs to those on my list at least once per month so they are familiar with my emails coming in and don’t think its spam. Aim for a weekly or monthly newsletter, and you should reach your goals.

Guest Blogging

A simple Google search for popular blogs within your niche should return some quality leads. In the search bar, use the keywords from your area of expertise and include the word “blog” at the end. Search for respected bloggers with a large audience and become active on their blog by commenting often. Be sure your comments are professional and constructive, never negative or unprofessional. Once your book is released, contact the blog administrator from their contact page. Write an email informing him/her that you have been following their blog and you are a published author in the same area of interest and can offer a positive contribution as a guest blogger. It’s also helpful to pitch your article idea. Write about a topic within your selected niche yet related to your book. Usually when you are a guest blogger the administrator will allow you to include your bio, where you will include the title of your book and a link, of course.


You can easily find forums in your niche online by doing the same type of search as listed above, but incorporating the word “forum” into the search along with your keywords. Follow some popular forums within your area of interest and comment when you can make a positive contribution or offer helpful information. In the signature line, be sure to include a link to your book or website.

Book Signings

Contact your local bookstores and notify them that you are a local published author. Ask if they would be interested in hosting a book signing at their store. There is also a good chance they will agree to carry your book on their shelves, and getting into your local bookstore is always a good idea.

Meetup Groups

There are likely many Meetup groups near you related to your interests. You can do a simple search for local Meetups on There are also many book clubs and author Meetup groups in every locale. Become active in these groups and network with a like-minded community.

Public Speaking

What better way to get the word out about your book than by being a guest speaker at upcoming conferences and events within your subject? Let’s say, for example, your book topic is women’s empowerment. Do an online search for upcoming women’s events in your area and contact the organizer to ask if they are in need of speakers. Be sure to mention that you are a published author. They might also allow you to rent a booth where you can sell your books before and after your speaking engagement or they may even offer you one for free.

Tip: Nervous about public speaking? There are many ways to polish your public speaking skills and a search for a local Toastmasters group is a good start. By joining Toastmasters, you will start by speaking to a small group who will offer constructive criticism before you ever set foot on stage. To find a group near you, visit

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