4 Simple Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

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At one point or another, most writers will experience a form of “writer’s block.” Sometimes this is caused by fear, not knowing where to start, how to end, or the inability to stay focused due to outside circumstances.

Here are a few tips for overcoming writer’s block:

1. De-clutter your workspace. If your workspace is cluttered, you may find it hard to stay focused. Often our physical surroundings will affect us mentally. When our workspace is disorganized, our thoughts tend to follow. Keeping your space tidy and organized will allow your energy to flow more freely.

2. Do some additional research. Often we get stuck because we haven’t fully developed our ideas. This is a great time to hit the books and do some further research on your subject. Research may be in the form of reading, interviewing, or getting some additional training on your topic. Then, when inspiration strikes, go back and incorporate your new ideas into your work; your project may even take a turn for the better. However, be careful not to use this as a form of procrastination to put off the task at hand.

3. Relax. Staring a blank screen or sheet of paper will put you into a frenzy, especially when you have a deadline looming. It’s OK to walk away and return to your project later when you are motivated and refreshed. You might try meditating to clear your mind as often our ideas come to us when we take time to silence the mind. If meditation isn’t your thing, try something else that brings inspiration such as getting out in nature by taking a walk.

4. Try a writing exercise. Just like anything else, writing is something that gets better with practice and needs to be exercised often. You could try a creative writing prompt, a journaling session, or writing a blog post about something you're passionate about. These smaller exercises build confidence and get the creativity flowing so you can tackle the larger project with ease.

Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.” ~ Pablo Picasso

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the only cure for writer’s block is to write through it. When you are stuck or blocked, try to write anyway. Not every day is a good writing day, but one thing seasoned writers do above all else is to write even when they don’t feel like it, and that means developing a daily writing habit.

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