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2017 8-Week Book Writing Intensive

In this 8-Week Book Writing Intensive, you'll work with Shanda Trofe to develop your story idea, brainstorm and outline your manuscript, develop your writing skills, sharpen those writing skills, build an author platform, learn about the many publishing options available and how to choose the one that's right for you, and finally, how to launch and market your book upon publication.

You'll also learn how to tackle the polishing and revision process with ease so you may submit your opening chapter to Shanda for feedback to ensure you are on the right track. And, as an added bonus, those who complete the program will also have the opportunity to pitch their book proposal for a chance at publication!

Yes, you read that right...

A complete publishing package will be awarded to one lucky participant from this Intensive!


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7:00 PM19:00


I'm going to show you…

  • How to map out your book writing goals so you can complete a book in just 90 days--with only one hour of writing each day!
  • Learn the average word counts for various types of books so you'll know how many words your book should entail
  • How to brainstorm and outline your book with ease, and all the book components you'll need to include
  • How to increase your writing speed, unlock creativity, and all my personal tips and tricks for success!
  • PLUS! What to do after publication, to repurpose your content and start building your empire!
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