Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business


As business professionals, we often frequent mixers and networking events, collecting and exchanging business cards with the hopes of connecting with those who may benefit from what we have to offer. But what if you had a physical book, in lieu of a business card, to act as a polished product for your business? When it’s done right, there’s something about becoming a published author and creating a quality book to represent your brand that opens doors to new opportunity and expansion.

In Authorpreneur, Shanda Trofe not only guides you through the process of creating a high-quality book for your business, but also how to build a viable business based on the core concepts of your book, to gain credibility and become an AUTHOR-ity in your area of expertise.

Trofe also explains:

  • Why your passions and gifts are the roadmap to creating a business that’s in alignment with your purpose
  • How to develop your brand, find your ideal avatar and create a tribe of devoted clients
  • Ways to repurpose your content to create companion products such as workbooks, online courses, speaking engagements, workshops, mentoring & coaching programs, and of course, more books
  • The best ways to promote your book, products, and services to set yourself up for long-lasting success

“I’m often asked by my clients, ‘When should I start building my author platform?’ The answer is simple: the moment you decide you want to write a book. Finding your tribe takes time, as does gaining their trust, often more time than it takes to write the book.”

Bestselling author, publisher, and writing coach, Shanda Trofe is the Founder of Spiritual Writers Network, and President & CEO of Transcendent Publishing. Aptly named the Authorpreneur Mentor by her colleagues, Trofe aims to educate aspiring authors not only on the business of writing and publishing but also how to grow an empire based on the core concepts of their published work. She is always studying the latest tricks of the trade, aiming to position her clients at the top of their game to create bestselling authors with a variety of tools and products to support their business.

Authorpreneur: How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business is now on and other online retailers, through Ingram, and on the author’s website:

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