You are a gifted motivational writing coach, publisher and author. You lead from your heart. All of us who have had the honor of working with you know you come from a place of love. You want ALL of us to succeed at writing to publish our hearts message. I cant wait to work with you further! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us.
— Deborah Powell-Hudi
If you have the heart of a writer, then Shanda is your door of opportunity. She gives you an abundance of her experience and tools to make dreams come true. My life changed when I discovered this talented and genuine lady.
— Shirl Crimmins Smith, alumni of the Bestseller Bootcamp

– Kim Richardson, bestselling author of Hibe Vibe Eating and 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal. Publisher at Kim Richardson Publishing. Alumni of Publish Like a Pro, eBooks Made Easy and Online Courses Made Easy.

I cannot say enough good things about this woman’s abilities as a coach, mentor, writer, publisher and much much more. Thank you so much, Shanda, with your patience and kindness shown to me throughout this process.
— Barbara E. Harris, client and author of Manifesting Miracles

– Kyra Schaefer, bestselling author of several books and publisher at As You Wishing Publishing. Alumni of Publish Like a Pro and the Bestseller Bootcamp.

Do you have a book inside you waiting to be birthed into reality? then Shanda Trofe is your girl!! She is a dream maker!! I have written in 15 multi-author compilations, have created one meditation and now have my very own solo book. I started my writing journey in her online classes and she has helped me so much!! I highly recommend Shanda Trofe.
— Giuliana Melo, bestselling author of Love Yourself to Health

– Ghene’t LeeYong, upcoming author of Advent Nature, Advent Life. Alumni of the Bestseller Bootcamp

– Tonia Browne, bestselling author of Spiritual Seas and Mermaids: An Empath and Introvert’s Guide to Riding the Waves of Life. Alumni of the 8-Week Book-Writing Intensive, Publish Like a PRO and Bestseller Bootcamp.

I’d like to give a shout out to Shanda Trofe, my author coach. This woman is an expert in her field and creates magic with a writer’s dream. She’s a master at the details and will guide her client every step of the way. For anyone who has a dream of writing a book, publishing a book... I highly recommend visiting Shanda’s professional website. She offers writing courses and has coaching packages to walk you through the process of unearthing within the self the book you want to write, and she leads the way in publishing. She’s a classy coach and knows her stuff!
— Alejandria Kate, client and bestselling author of Transformational Healing

– Georgia Nagel, client and bestselling author of Pet Talker and Maurice the Goat Finds His Real Family. Alumni of the 8-Week Book-Writing Intensive, Publish Like a PRO, eBooks Made Easy, and the Bestseller Bootcamp

– Elicia Raprager, alumni of the Besteseller Bootcamp

I knew when my new book was coming out there was one person I was going to go to, to help me launch it...Shanda Trofe. Shanda has helped many authors, with great books, to launch their books to become best sellers. She can help with editing, design as well as strategy. She can help you sell it. I highly recommend her.
— Leanne Babcock, client and bestselling author of Open Me
Shanda’s Bestseller Boot Camp is absolutely the best and most inclusive course I have ever taken. Although it completely covers the writing process, once written you must then understand what steps to take to get your book published, marketed, and sold. This course covers all those processes from “soup to nuts”. Additionally, for those writers who also offer courses or instruction, she offers fantastic methods to drive students to those courses through purchasing your books. I highly recommend the course, and cannot say enough about Shanda’s style of coaching.
— Marilynn Wrigley, alumni of the Bestseller Bootcamp

“Absolutely the best author/publisher training out there!”
"What an amazing experience. I felt guided every step of the way. I have confidence to achieve my goal of producing my bestseller. Shanda's approach is simple to follow and easy to execute. Her Q&A sessions were extremely valuable and timely. We connected with other authors struggling with the same fears and worries but together we became stronger in our authorship as well as networking and supporting each others projects. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Thank you Shanda for helping so many of us bring out work out into the light with professionalism and clarity."

Kyra Schaefer
Publish Like a PRO alumni

"More than an 8-week course..."

"If you have ever wanted to tell your story or write a book ...even if you don't think you can write or even if you have already written a book, a blog or an article this course is for you .... Shanda is an amazing soul/teacher mentor who shares all of her wisdom with her students. She has studied and knows the tricks of the trades as well as she is always searching and seeking to be on the top of her game ...which she openly shares with her clients. This is a more then an 8 week course this is a life time group ... for that I am grateful."

Cheryl Carrigan
publishing client and Alumni of the 8-Week Book Writing Intensive

“This class has helped me immensely.”
"I am so happy to have been part of Shanda Trofe's intensive book writing class. Shanda's expertise in the process of book writing, along with her ability to share her vast knowledge along with the networking that she provides as an option during this intensive have been helpful and will continue to be helpful in ways that far exceeded anything I could have imagined. This class has helped me immensely. It offered me so much information and support, which is paving the way for me to bring this opportunity of writing my first book into full fruition. I highly recommend this intensive for anyone that is wanting to write their book, and feel they need guidance in who what where when and how. You will not be disappointed."

Catherine Chapey
Alumni of the Book Writing Intensive

“This course is packed with information.”

"I was hesitant to sign up for this course, having no experience writing and not sure if I could actually do it. The course is set up so well and is packed with information, along with the amazing support and guidance of Shanda, that now I am confident that I will finish my book. I'm certain that without this course my dream of writing a book would have remained shelved for years. Thank you Shanda, for your invaluable instruction, guidance and support, helping my dream become a reality!"

Kris Groth
8-Week Book Writing Intensive Alumni

“Shanda is an excellent teacher and a kind soul.”

"I would highly recommend the 8 Week Intensive Writing Class to anyone who is seeking clarity and confidence to write their book. Shanda is an excellent teacher and kind soul. I am grateful for the lessons, tools, materials, guidance, Facebook Group connections, and for the gentle nudge I needed to make a difference in sharing my story. I am now proud to say I am a writer!"

Brenda Teeter
8-Week Book Writing Intensive Alumni

“Shanda goes out of her way to help you.”

"She has helped me publish over 20 books! Wow, I just can't say enough good things about her. Most of all she cares about you and your book. She will coach you to the end and give you valuable tips along the way. She provides a priceless service that other publishers do not. I know, because I have used two other big-time publishers which cost me a lot with little results.

Another important fact is Shanda goes out of her way to help you. She genuinely cares and wants to make sure you are pleased with her service. I am proud to say Shanda Trofe is not only my publisher but has also become my friend and writing coach over the years. Shanda knows what she is doing when it comes to books and is a kind, caring person. What more does anyone want?""

Thomas H. Ward
Publishing Client and Author of Ttwenty-eight Books