Bestselling author, publisher, and author coach, Shanda Trofe, is the Founder of Spiritual Writers Network, an online community of over 3,000 writers and authors, and President of Transcendent Publishing, offering full-service publishing and design packages for indie authors. As a mentor, Shanda aims to educate aspiring authors not only on the business of writing and publishing but also how to grow an empire based on the core concepts of their published work.

She is experienced in both fiction and non-fiction writing, specializing in both print and digital publishing, and enjoys assisting authors throughout the entire process, from idea to publication. Shanda understands that each writer has individualized needs, and aims to educate authors on the options available so they can choose the writing and publishing path that’s right for them. But first, she works diligently with her clients to lead them through the writing process, helping to find their voice and extract the unique messages they possess within.

Shanda is well-respected in the publishing community, best known for her unique launch strategies, branding, and author platform building.  She is always studying the latest tricks of the trade, aiming to position her clients at the top of their game to create bestselling authors with a variety of tools and products to support their published work.

She's the founder of Publish Like a PRO, her flagship program, which walks indie authors step-by-step through the entire process of writing, publishing, launching and promoting a bestseller ... like a PRO! To date, Shanda has assisted in the publication and launch of over 100 Amazon #1 bestselling books.