Authorpreneur has taken out the guesswork and offered clearly defined steps to success. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned writer, the information in this book will save you hundreds, if not thousands of head-banging hours trying to figure out how to grow your business and your career.”

—Sunny Dawn Johnston, bestselling author of Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends


"I have had the distinct pleasure to work directly with Shanda on my last book, TRUTH: The Ten Minute Life Plan. I can give a firsthand account of how the techniques and information provided in her new book Authorpreneur works. My book in less than a week became an Amazon bestseller. It was Shanda’s understanding of how to brand, build, and promote a book that accomplished this feat. The information provided in Authorpreneur is straight from Shanda’s love of writing and being an author. If you are looking to write a book and get published, everything you will ever need to know is now at your fingertips thanks to Shanda’s new book."     

—Bill Cortright, author of,
The NEW Stress Response Diet and
Bestselling author of TRUTH: The Ten Minute Life Plan


 "Authorpreneur, a bible on publishing and building your empire, explains in an easy-to-understand layout how to do just that, succeed in today’s marketplace, making use of every technology and avenue available to the writer/entrepreneur. This book is filled with specific information for both the novice and the seasoned author, with wisdom and knowledge the author, Shanda Trofe, has gleaned from years in the business. 

Shanda is both a publisher and writer, and has established herself through a number of means anyone can master, through her expert explanation. She shows how to not only write your first book, second, or even third book, as well as how to take that base of operation and expand your platform via multiple outreaches. A textbook on how to succeed, it is simple enough for anyone to understand, yet professional and highly polished enough to satisfy even the expert and savvy Authorpreneur."

—Kathleen Marusak, Senior Editor


"Shanda Trofe is my personal go-to guru of the publishing and writing world. She has a special ability to help you hone in on your message while providing unique pathways and coaching for your message to get out into the world. Shanda is an “Authorpreneur” genius! She takes the stress and pressure off so you can focus on the heart of your project. Her level of expertise combined with support and guidance helped me build confidence and gain results.  She is the authority of becoming your own AUTHOR-ity!"

—Melissa Corter, Creator of Soul Artistry™ and author of
Seasons of Change and Nudges from Your Spirit.


 "Shanda Trofe knows her stuff. Shanda has an internal knowing of what you and your business needs to get to the next level. Stepping into a world of unknowns is hard enough—finding people like Shanda along your path when you are a business owner is a gift straight from spirit.

"I have always said I am going to build an empire so when I saw the title of this book I knew it was the next step. If you’re building your very own Empire you will want Shanda on your team! She can change your life and your business if you allow it!"

—Jodie Harvala, Creator of The Spirit School and author of ABC’s of Intuition; Seasons of Change; and The Magic of Space Clearing


"Through her extraordinary passion and love for the written word, publisher, writing coach, and author, Shanda Trofe, presents her latest book, Authorpreneur: How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business. With her golden touch and expert knowledge in the field of writing and publishing books, Shanda delivers a comprehensive and excellent, step-by-step instructional guide on teaching aspiring writers the proper techniques that can turn their published works into lucrative ways in which to help them grow and achieve even further from their written creations through her warm spirit, and highly professional tactics.

"I am grateful that Shanda has been my inspiration and mentor since 2013, when she published my first story in one of her Spiritual Writers Network quarterly compilation contest books, Touched by an Angel: A Collection of Divinely Inspired Stories and Poems/Titanium Angel, by Louise Huey Greenleaf, which steered me onto the path of becoming a six-time published author, and having learned to build my own business empire and following through her gift of teaching and sharing her valuable knowledge and professional work ethics. Shanda Trofe is surely who you can fully trust to help you achieve your aspirations and acquire the highest success you can get out of your writing endeavors."

—Louise Huey Greenleaf, Author



"AUTHORPRENEUR a great book for new or aspiring writers.   publisher, author, mentor, teacher, and a literary genius, Shanda Trofe’s book, Authorpreneur, explains how to turn your hobby of writing, into a real business.     

"If you would like to be an author or already have written a few books, then Authorpreneur is a must read. If you love writing, but would like to make an income from it, then this is the book that will help you.

"Coaching and mentoring are so valuable because writing is a lonely job. There are few people that will or can guide you to be successful. Authorpreneur does that and Shanda Trofe provides a service you will not find anywhere else. I know, because she has coached, mentored, and published 18 of my books over the last several years."

—Thomas H. Ward, Author of the Bestselling Series “THE TOCABAGA CHRONICLES” and “THE TEMPLARS QUEST”